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The Team


Cory Jones - Lead

I am the creator of my own life, and I create the possibility to become who I will be tomorrow. I hold the power to shape my own destiny. Just as you do to.

  • Photographer
  • Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2009
  • YouTube Content Creator
  • World Traveler

Tyson Harrison

Empowerment comes from hard work, perseverance, and sometimes, the loss of loved ones. Prove to those that fell before us on the other side that we will NOT waste our time on this Earth. Instagram

  • Photographer
  • Fellow Tech Guy
  • YouTube Content Creator
  • World Traveler

Steven Weeks

I Have the Power to overcome my Demons, and the darkness that pulls at the back of my mind on a daily basis. I will NEVER give up striving to be the best me possible! Instgram

  • The Strong One
  • Kitchen Mastermind
  • YouTube Content Creator
  • World Traveler

Michael Mittelsteadt - 

I Create the Possibility to find myself in the darkest of dark. Find adventure in this beautiful world, will give me the power I NEED to overcome my own mind. And the Peace in my heart to know when I have arrived where i'm needed.

  • Architectural Draftsman
  • The Numbers Guy
  • Live Streamer
  • World Traveler