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Our in-house authors:

Cory J.     Sally V.
Tyson H.      Steven W.
Michael M.
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A Brief History

     The Guys were just a bunch of friends since Middle School starting Their freelance careers in Heyburn, Idaho. Cory was a Collage Student that was tired of dead end jobs that suppressed his passion for expression, Tyson was a tech who worked with Steven, a Stock Employee at Walmart. As we where unable to find our worth in our home town, Cory decided to pitch the rest of the guys a unique idea. What if, we became Gods? ... lol no, but really. "What if we moved to the East Coast?"

     We had been discussing finding a house/ work space to get together to record our gaming content for YouTube in, and where unable to find a place locally that we could use for housing and have enough office space for each of us in it. So in a single afternoon, the three of them decided that in order to find a better lifestyle and get away from the funk surrounding their dull lives, that the beach was the place for us to go.  Less than five weeks later, we where driving across the country with another buddy from school Michael, to start our new lives on the East Coast. 

    After a long three full days and nights of driving across the country in a U-Haul, Check out that story here, we arrived. Settled in. and one of them fell in love. Sally entered the picture approximately 2 months after the guys where settling in. Her Knowledge of the the surrounding area, and Love for adventure sparked many of the Journeys you will see in this B/Vlog.