"Automate" your Organic Growth on Instagram

"Automate" your Organic Growth on Instagram

"What Separates us from the Internet Rich and Famous? Effort, Consistency, and Knowledge."

- Cory Jones


     Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about the internet. The biggest thing in particular, being that Organic Growth of ANY particular chain of content, weather its on YouTube, Instagram, Blog, or where ever. Gaining a Audience is really difficult when you are just starting out with a "Cold" account or website. Not to mention, the countless number of individuals that post Videos or articles saying "0-10,000 Followers in your first WEEK" or " Make Your First $10,000 a Week using this Method". Clickbait.

     Yes, some of them have solid advice in them. But A vast majority leave out those one or two "small Details" on how they achieved their success.  So I have compiled a Small list. In this list, I give you all the tools of what you need, to build up your Following on ANY PLATFORM Using Instagram in 2018. So without further hesitation, Lets get to work. 

     The Following 7 Bullet points, outline the step by step process on how to Gain traction on Instagram in 2018, so that you can build up your following/Brand on other platforms. You NEED ALL OF THESE, working/ Flowing together, to make that shift in your progress to success.

  • Quality Content
  • Consistency
  • Engagement 
  • Have a SPECIFIC Niesh
  • Be the BEST at what you do
  • Know Your Target Audience 
  • Always Learning

Quality Content

     This one is completely on you. Weather you are posting a New Video to YouTube, or a bangin' new image to your Instagram, Your content NEEDS to be high Quality. So what can that mean? If you are posting Videos, Make sure that you are Posting them in the Highest possible resolution you have to work with. Most phone cameras these days can record in atleast 1080p at 60FPS, and take some really nice quality images too.

     That is more then enough for anyone to get started with building their content up properly. The next thing to chat about in this segment, is realizing that NO ONE likes to look at a grainy, poorly lit photo of your pet or basic selfie on Instagram. If you are serious about creating a Portfolio for yourself and your Works on this platform, then you need to take is seriously. Separate your accounts out. If you still want to post those kinds of images, do so on Facebook for your friends and family. The Idea is to UP YOUR GAME.

     Force yourself to take better, images. One of the best practices I've found in doing this is to simply Don't Upload images it without editing it first. There are plenty of mobile apps that allow you to accomplish this. One of my personal Favorite Free apps with no Ads, is called SnapSeed. Its on Android and Iphone.

     Now i'm not talking full on Photoshop the tar out of your images. ( Unless that's your Artistic Expression Of course.) I'm saying simply check your shadows and brightness levels. Want to make it more vibrant? Add Contrast to taste. Make it black and white. Remove that zit on your nose. ( Snapseed has a really awesome tool for that btw.) Then do a Quality check against some of the others that post similar images that you do.

     Now, When i say to "quality check against others" I'm ONLY talking about resolution, and The Description of their images. That includes the tags they use.  Up your game. That Simple.


     This Topic was really difficult for me to get a grasp on. Even to this day, I go through times that I just get writers block and cant think of ways to edit images, videos, or what to legit write about for a blog post. Even when I have a HUGE backlog of over 200 days of trips from the past year of adventures already organized out and ready to write about. The topic of Consistency in terms of Social Media, is a brutal one, and it all boils down to the fact that if you are not regularly uploading content, you will not stay relevant online. So this is the point where I had to stop and think for a moment.

     Do I really want to stress about having to upload new videos a MINIMUM of 3 times a day? Well, in order to stay relevant when i was uploading Gaming Videos to YouTube, I was having to drop Two new videos each day 7 Days a week. I did that for roughly 3 years straight, growing My Channel from 0 - 850 Subscribers. And I was still only seeing a really small amount of Community being built at that point. My Content was very " Sub Par" at best though too.   

     But, I could see growth. the more I posted regularly, the more traffic started showing up. So I started applying those Ideals to my Instagram Page this last year, and started posting at least 2 images each day. One in the morning, and one around 4 pm. After the end of the first week, I was seeing a huge conversion rate. Going from 50 likes on a image by the end of that week, to 100+ on each image by the end of the day.

     I started adding Story Images as well, since algorithms on Instagram changed, the best way to be sure your consistency in posting is recognized,  is simply adding a story post that you added a new image to your gallery. It may seem redundant. But Instagram shows people the most liked images from the people they follow first in the feed. So alot of the time unless you have the likes on your image, your followers are not going to see your posts. Let alone even realize you even posted anything.

     So Create a workflow that repeatedly attracts attention to your hard work. There are some super simple methods of Automating this process to not only increase productivity, but free up your time to focus on the creative workflow without Hiring a team of people to do all of your uploading, tagging, and Descriptions that we will discuss later. 



     This topic is regarding your Engagement with your Audience. The most important thing you can do with your community is actually respond to them. Respond to the comments on your image posts throughout that day they are posted. Liking and responding to each comment Immediately gives you another comment on the image, thus increasing the interaction rate of the post, thus pushing it up the charts on the algorithm to be shown to more of your followers sooner in their feeds. For instance.

     You Have 6 comments on a recent post. You Reply with a whole hearted response to each of them, and BOOM! You now have 12 comments!  This seems too simple honestly, but the more I've been able to get interacting in the comments, the more regularly they seek out your posts. Then you have them DMing you asking you to colab and requesting tips to becoming as awesome as your are!  Now, there are super simple ways to Automate The organic growth of this process That we will talk about later.

Have a Specific Niesh

     This is another section that requires you to dig deep into yourself and learn how to get insanely specific. This isn't a bad thing. Think about it for a moment. You want to have a travel photography page, but in the mix of your epic location or landscape images, you post shots of your pet, gaming content, or MEMES. Your Main follower base is people that enjoy those Epic Destination images or videos.

     They aren't there for that supposedly silly meme you laughed once at. The people who are there for the main even, (Travel Photos) WILL start dropping off like flies if they see stuff like that. So stick to one thing per page. Heck, if you want to post memes, make a meme page. Or if you really want to share it with your audience, Create a Discord Server where your community can all live chat with each other  and have a specific channel set up for your goofy MEMES.  

Be the Best at What YOU DO

     Being the best at what you do, is a difficult task to achieve with photography and Film. There is always someone that you look up to as the Guru of your Field. Myself? I have a handful of Creators that I constantly am Learning from like Peter Mckinnon & The Dope Squad on YouTube & Instagram. My style is constantly evolving according to what I learn every single day, from their videos and content, alongside many others. They Have the success to backup the fact that they are doing something right.

     So in the mindset that you ARE the Best at what YOU DO, it is okay to use what you learn from those you look up to. Replicate it. And Build Upon it. Make it your own. And then Become a Master of your Own work.

     For instance. As my main profession is in Chiro/Massage Therapy since 2009, I've traveled the Country learning various styles of Massage Therapy, Energy work, Chiropractic care, and health techniques that I've compiled together to create one of the most effective ways of healing the body on the planet.

     The thing that we learn in life from those we surround ourselves with, give us the tools to do what we love, in a way only we can. So there is no reason to just copy someone else's content. Just do it better. In a way that only YOU can.


Know Your Target Audience

     Art that sells for Millions of dollars can be something as simple as 2 colors slightly blended together into a gradient pattern on a piece of canvas. So what Makes what you have to contribute any different? The answer is, HAVING A TARGET AUDIENCE. There are 7.6 BILLION People in this world as of 2018. You only need to attract 10,000 on Instagram to enable there Advanced Features such as the "Slide up for Links" in your Stories.

     The odds that there are at least another 10,000 people in this world that share an interest in that one thing you choose to post about in the world of TRILLIONS of other options, are very much in your favor. Look up the tag #TravelPhotography on Instagram. It currently has 43.6 Million Followers in it. Each Post ranging from 0-100K Likes on each image. Think of it this way. You need only 0.02% of 43.6 Million to be at your 10,000 Followers on Instagram.

     I say all of this right off the bat in this section to teach you that no matter what you choose as your ONE TOPIC on your page, There is a Following for it. You Target your Posts/ Videos with the right tags, SEO, Sharing Your content in the right places online, And even Facebook/Instagram Ad Targeting, you will get your break, and the Followers will come.  Don't give up on your one thing. If it feels like your are still Shot Gunning to a "General Audience", Filter it down. Get Even more Specific. Get Edgy. And Own it.

Always Learning 

     This goes without saying in the Age of the internet. In order to stay relevant online, we have to ALWAYS be Evolving. If our content stops being up to date, we lose followers. If we stop posting regularly, we stop being relevant.  So to maintain that status, we NEED to be learning how to be on top of our game EVERY SINGLE DAY.

     The Age of the Internet has brought some Phenomenal Tools to help us constantly maintain a sustaining flow on knowledge if quite a few forms. YouTube and Skillshare  being some of my favorites. You want to learn how to do it better, There is a video how to help you get there. Want to learn how to Edit your photos a specific way? There is a step by step walk-through that will teach you to get your lighting levels Perfect! What does ISO stand for and what does it mean to a landscape photographer? Simply Google it.

     We truly have no reason to not be constantly Becoming Masters of our Fields with how much free access to Knowledge we have in today's time. Spending 1 hour a day reading a book/blog/tutorial or watching videos in your field, EACH DAY instead of wasting that time numbing our minds with pointless Vines or news scare tactics. This will not only make us better people for ourselves, but it allows us to grow in ways that The successful people we see on the internet do. What separates us from the Rich and Famous? Effort, Consistency, and Knowledge. 

Now That We've Gotten that out of the way. What You've All come here for.

So how does all of these Bullet Points and Ideals work together to "Automate" Organic Growth on your Personal or Business Instagram Pages? The Truth is that even if you where to skip reading through all of the above sections and use the tools i'm about to share with you, your success rate will be just as slim as when you first started. You need to be able to grasp the mentality behind why success works on the internet before we can grab it and maintain it. Other wise it will just fall apart around us as soon as we obtain it.

     I've compiled a list of tools over the years, that help to simplify and help Automate the process of posting to social media profiles that are meant to help shrink the overall stress of having remember to post images manually, each day,  respond/ react to posts, commenting on others posts in your niesh, to help build your community. Unfollowing non followers, Following others that share your interest. 

     Now with this being said, that is a ton of power that these tools grant the user.  Auto commenting on others images allows you to start communications with people that have shared interests with ourselves. Simply saying " Hey I love your work on this image, Whats the story behind it?" Generates a genuine conversation.

     This leads to an interest in you as a real Follower. Which then leads to them supporting and being interested in your work, which leads to potentially working with them on a project, and creating real world friendships over these situations. So don't just use these to spam people or just respond with the same emoji. Effort.

This is a Web based app that allows the following:

  • Schedule and Auto Post Images/ Videos to Instagram Stories and Gallery
  • Auto Like Comments - Show you care about what they just said.
  • Auto Follow - Seeks out like minded people by specific tags 
  • Auto Unfollow - Remove those that no longer support you
  • Auto Repost - This is great for people that Repost others content
  • Auto DM New Followers - Great for Shopify Stores, Links, Or Promoting YouTube Channel
  • Has month to month Calendar to show when you Scheduled posts to go live
  • Allows multiple accounts ( Varies on Level of Purchase_
  • Super cheap Cost compared to others


This is a Software You Download that has a monthly Subscription cost of about $25. This Tool allows you to manage a growing list of Social Network posting/ Account management.

  • Does NOT post images to instagram
  • Allows all the same features that seriate.io does for instagram
  • features similar for Facebook/ Facebook Pages, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and others.


     This is an Android/ Iphone App for your Smart Phone or tablet.  It Costs a Monthly Fee of around $20 USA ( I Paid $145 for a Year) 

  • Allows you to schedule posts and and Stories For Auto Upload times from your phone.
  • Breaks down Recent Post Analytics.
  • Best Paired with the Texpand Plus App for Android that allows you to create Quick text auto fill shortcuts, to quickly add your Descriptions onto your Scheduled Posts. 

This web based client allows you to Schedule your Posts, Months in advance, Update your IG Stories with those Highly edited images or Daily Vlog clips, and best of all, you can use it for Multiple accounts! (That does depend on the Plan Level you Buy) But the excitement still stands. I'm currently using it to Update my @TheTherapyGamer account on Instagram, and whoa... I can not express my excitement enough. At the time of writing this Post, I just finished editing over 71,000 images from the last year worth of Travel Destinations. I know, I know. Slacking ultra hard here. But I was finally able to sit down and feel i was able to focus on simply editing. The whole "writers block thing" is a problem for Creatives in all walks of life. Finally having a tool that I can use away from my phone to post to my favorite Social Platform is awesome.

     This Software also allows you to Auto Follow/Unfollow specific Tags, people, and other stuff as well. I've not used this set of features yet, but I suppose it would allow for some pretty intense page growth.

     Using these tools together should help "Automate" your Organic Growth on Instagram quite nicely.

The Cost Varies on the plan, but each allow varying levels of additional accounts, storage for images and video uploads, and so on. I happened to get lucky and found a beta promotion that gave me an account i can post to 10 different insta accounts with for $45(USA). I'm sure these have fluctuated since then though.


This is where I show you what its done for me.  I started using Just the Scheduling feature 2 months ago as of writing this post. In that time frame, setting just 2 images to post at specific times each day, I have increased my Interactions on my page from less then 125 per week, to as of June 6th 2018, 3,022. Increasing from 15-30 interactions (Likes and such) to 506-604 per day through out the week. This also increases the Discovery of my account as well quite drastically from less then 10 new accounts seeing mine each day, to over 425 per day. And each of these numbers are gradually increase each week! But obviously the only numbers that really matter, is the Follower Count. increasing from a stifling 556 Followers to Currently 2602 Followers today. 

Now, With all of that said, most people just don't grow crazy over night. You Need Consistency, along side actually good content, and Communication with your audience. Yes, this software basically Automates your Posting, Following, Unfollowing, Story Posting, and even Auto-filling your Descriptions each image. But YOU personally need to create the content, and initially type out the Descriptions. So Make them Phenomenal. Use the applicable tags only in your images. Mage sure you are using Clear High Resolution uploads in your posts. At the end of the day, these kind of tools are meant to help ease the rigorous task of posting consistently each day. when you are as busy as I am, its difficult to juggle 3 jobs, Photography Gigs, Weekly YouTube Uploads, Typing up a blog post, and then trying to remember if I've posted to ALL of my various accounts on the internet that needed it that given day.

     The way I calculated it, This software has saved me DAYS of time. An average post via your phone to Instagram, if its already edited, 2-5 minutes to add all the correct tags, @ the right people and locations, tagging the right location, and dropping a product link into it if needed. Over the course of a month, this adds up ALOT if you are posting 2+ images per day! Being able to very quickly, upload the images to the software online, then (if you have the auto fills in already) 2 click the description you want on the image, then add your location, and BOOM! Done.

 I will be sure to Update this post again every so often as i see bigger numbers as well. 

Is this something you see yourself using for your Travel Blogs and Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments below! I'm always excited to hear from you all!


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