Pro Grade Camera Bodies

List of all of the best Pro Grade Camera Bodies to have for Travel Film/ Photography from Canon, Sony , and Nikon


Pro Canon

Canon Cameras are best used for Epic Landscape shots, and Wedding Photography shots and film. With the Right Lenses though, they can easily take crisper images then its competitors. They also Support a Huge range of Lenses from 8mm- 800mm.

Image Stabilization: 3rd place out of the 3 here. So for events and run and gun shooting, you need to hold still or use a tripod to capture faster shots without blur. Most Newer Lenses have stabilizers Build into them, but none of the Bodies Have it Native like Sony and Nikon.

only Select High End Bodies shoot 4k Video that competes with Sony on this feature, but the Auto Focus feature on Canon is by far the best.

These Professional Camera Full and Crop Frame Bodies from Canon are Field Tested to be the Best of the Best in all kinds of weather and environmental situations. Ranging from Wet Rainy Jungles, to Arid Deserts, to Frozen Mountain Peaks. Come with Full Factory Warranties,  and are used not only by myself, but other Pros such as Sam Kolder, and Peter Mckinnon.


Pro Nikon Bodies 

Pro Grade Nikon Bodies are Great for Landscape and Detailed wildlife Photography. They also support a Wide range of lenses from 8mm - 800mm. 

Image Stabilization: 2nd Place out of the 3 here. Trialing right behind the Sony with more of a run and Gun Style of shooting with the in Body Stabilizers and in some Lenses. 

2nd Place for the 4k Video Quality on this List. for lower end bodies. 

These Pro Grade Bodies have also been Tested to withstand more More Harsh Weather situations with rain and dust just like the Canon. 


Epic Sony Bodies 

Pro Grade Sony Cameras are fantastic with Fast Action movements such as racing cars, and animals. They Also Have a huge ISO Range. Meaning they Shoot really well in dark- dimly lit areas.

They Also only have a Lens Range of  16mm-400mm.

Image Stabilization: 1st Place out of the 3 here. They Bodies have it built in, and most of the lenses do as well, allowing an insane capture ratio of 2-3 clear images out of a burst of 10 if you are following a fast moving object.

Best for 4k Video out of the 3 here.

These Pro Grade Bodies still can't quite keep up with Canon and Nikon in terms of Weather Sealing and Durability. Recommended to not take these out in the rain or dusty locations. Best used for Cityscapes and Night time photos of the sky and lights.