to Nov 25

Birthday Key West Trip 2017

We will be Touring down through the East Coast of Florida, down to the Keys to Document some of the Hurricane damage and visit some beautiful spots along the way to try finding our purpose. I want to find myself, and reconnect with what I am most Passionate about. I'm tired of turning everything into work for the sake of surviving and ruining everything that i enjoy. I want to Thrive in this world, doing something that I am 100% in love with, with the ones that i cherish the most. 

In the Meantime, I have a few more weeks scheduled out for the game videos on the channel on Youtube. As we have arrived at the IRL VLOG #200 mark, I want to revamp a few things for the Vlogs, and Update the mindset of the Channel as a whole. So bare with me as I find myself for the next while.

We have a list of stops along the way to Key West. New Drone. Camera's. And a longing for change for the better in our lives. Let's see what happens next.

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