Tuning Fork TECHNIQUE Starter Kit 

Here is a quick grab a go list for what we are currently using in the office! Use the Links below to snag them on Amazon.com 


 128hz Tuning Fork

This Tuning fork is what we use at the office. Bundled with a repair tool and cleaning cloth.



this is the Current set of headphones that we use at the office to get just the right "kick" to vibrate the body with the 128hz frequency. ( This may change as we find better headphone systems to use.) NOTE: It Takes a pretty nice pair of headphones to achieve this Vibration, so we are always on the lookout for the best possible options and price range.

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128hz and other Frequency YouTube Playlist and Song Download

     Here is the YouTube Playlist that we use at the office in line with the Headphones and Tuning Fork.


     We also have the individual/ Album .mp3 download for the Frequencies you can purchase to have on your mobile devices where ever you travel!

NOTE: The YouTube Playlist will change regularly until we compile our own videos containing these Frequencies. So Check back regularly for updates!